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Comfort for Wintertime Blues

Sure, the snow was pretty…the first time. It was even quite magical during the second record-breaking storm of the season. But when a third storm — a blizzard no less — let loose in our area, I was no longer enchanted. I mean, Virginia isn’t supposed to have weather like that!

Well, the good news is that at long last, the snow and ice are finally melting, although not without first bringing our rain gutters down with them.

The only comfort has been to keep on cooking, mostly making hearty soups, bread, and desserts. Anything that spells c-o-m-f-o-r-t. Here are a couple examples — some quick herb bread and vegetable soup followed by a stack of peanut butter cookies. Can Spring be far behind?

Today the wind is howling. I think I’ll make a pizza..

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