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Slow Cooker Sunday

Sunday seems to be an ideal day for using the slow cooker because it allows you to get something cooking early in the day so that you are free to enjoy whatever the day may hold.  Too often I’ve gotten caught up in enjoying a Sunday afternoon activity, only to find myself unprepared (or simply not in the mood) to make dinner Sunday evening.  (Right now I have a stuffed buttercup squash in the slow cooker for tonight’s dinner.  Can’t wait.)

As most of you know, I’m currently working on a new slow cooker cookbook.  Recipe testing is going at full speed thanks to a great group of testers.  Even though the book won’t hit the shelves for another year, I thought you might enjoy getting a sneak peek at some of the recipe testers’ photos. 
There will be loads of vegetable and bean recipes in the book, including the Italian stew shown at the top of this post. There are also lots of hearty comfort food recipes such as these barbecue seitan ribs and scalloped potatoes:
And let’s not forget dessert.  Here is a luscious zabaglione-inspired bread pudding:
And a delicious apple cake, perfect for this time of year, that is also 100% fat-free:
I hope you enjoyed this little advance preview of my new slow cooker book.  I also want to thank you all who have written to me about how much you’re enjoying my current new book, Quick-Fix Vegan.  I hope you will all help me spread the word about QFV on your blogs, Facebook, and Twitter, as well as posting reviews on Amazon.  Your help is most appreciated!

Coming up tomorrow:  I will announce the winner of this week’s “Make My Monday” cookbook giveaway and launch another new giveaway, too!

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