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Top 10 Recipes on Vegan.com

Erik Marcus over at Vegan.com has accomplished an astonishing feat with a feature article called Vegan.Com Top 10 Recipes of 2008. In it, he has managed to compile a favorite recipe from the authors of 10 recent popular vegan cookbooks, along with a photo of each recipe and commentary by each of the authors. I’m honored to be included in this stellar group with my recipe for Indonesian Coconut Rice from Vegan Fire and Spice. Check out the article and see if your favorite books (and recipes) made the cut.

REMINDER: Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your entry in the “Creative Couscous Cake Contest” – the contest closes on May 10. These couscous cakes are so easy to make, there’s no reason not to enter! (BTW, if you have more than one amazing idea, there’s no limit on how many entries you can enter…)

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  • legaultmichele December 4, 2008, 12:03 am

    Thank you Robin for the inspiration. I am a vegetarian since january 2008 and my resolution for 2009: becoming a vegan. Your book is fabulous.

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