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Vegan on the Cheap — Tester Photos #1

Over the next several weeks, in addition to sharing a few recipes from my new book, Vegan on the Cheap, I thought it would be fun to spotlight some recipe photos taken by the recipe testers themselves. First up are a few pics taken by Andrea of Vegancognito. The top photo is Fusilli with Potatoes, Green Beans and Lemon Basil Crème (page 119). When Andrea tested this delicious, creamy (and lemony) dish she noted that it “tastes sophisticated yet comforting at the same time.”

Below is Andrea’s photo of Orzo Pilaf with Tofu Feta:

And finally, the next one is Savory Vegetable Cobbler (complete with a biscuit topping):

Coming up next: Pepperoni Pizza, anyone? (and more…tester photos by Lisa). Also, a “surprising” brownie recipe, all from from Vegan on the Cheap.

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