Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

by Robin on July 25, 2012

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It’s cherry season and for a few brief weeks those gorgeous dark red orbs can be had for a reasonable price.  I’ve been buying them in great quantities and mostly just snacking on them a bowlful at a time.  To me, they taste better than any candy ever did.

For the most part, Jon has been content to let this wonderful fresh fruit satisfy his sweet tooth, but the other day he was asking if I might make a dessert with some of the cherries that filled my kitchen.  Since it was like a zillion degrees outside, I didn’t want to bake anything, so I thought a nice batch of homemade vegan ice cream might do the trick.  Trouble was, I didn’t have my ice cream maker in the freezer so it would take until the next day before ice cream could be a reality.  That’s when I remembered that I had some bananas in the freezer.

I sometimes make a quick soft-serve ice cream in the food processor just by whizzing up some frozen bananas.  This time, I decided to use the bananas as a base to which I’d add some fresh cherries and, because I love the combination of chocolate and cherries, I knew I’d be tossing some chocolate chips in there as well.  A couple tablespoons of almond butter brought the flavors together and added richness.

The first time I made it, I just tossed everything in the food processor without measuring.  We ate it “soft serve” right out of the food processor! After tasting how good it was, I knew I’d need to share the recipe with you so today I made the supreme sacrifice of making another batch — and this time, I measured everything.  Here is the result:


Cherry Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

With just a few ingredients and no ice cream maker you can whip up a delicious homemade vegan ice cream in minutes.  Just be sure to keep cut-up bananas on hand in the freezer.  Recipe by Robin Robertson.

2 ripe bananas, peeled, cut into small chunks, and frozen

1/2 cup semisweet vegan chocolate chips

2 tablespoons almond butter

1 1/4 cups ripe pitted cherries

In a food processor combine the bananas, chocolate chips, almond butter, and 1 cup of the cherries.  Pulse to break up and then process until well mixed.  Add the remaining cherries and pulse to combine, leaving some bits of cherry intact.

Scrape the mixture into a container. Cover tightly and place in the freezer.  If you like soft-serve ice cream, it could be eaten right away or within an hour, depending on how soft you like it.  For a firmer ice cream, keep in the freezer for 4 hours or longer. If it freezes longer than 4 hours, it may harden too much, in which case it should be removed from the freezer for a few minutes before serving so it can temper and become slightly softened.

Serves 4




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