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It’s Party Vegan time!

It’s almost February.  There are 28 days in February. That’s 28 reasons why you need to get Party Vegan now. Here are just two of them:

#1 – Super Bowl Party Menu:
Olive-cado Dip
Finger Lickin’ Tempeh Fingers
Devil’s Details Chili
Super Slaw
Confetti Cornbread Muffins
Man-Size Chocolate Chip Cookies
#2 – Valentine Dinner for Two:
Chickpea-Artichoke Bites with Rosemary Aioli
Red Bliss Potato and Fennel Soup
Pastry-Wrapped Seitan with Spinach-Mushroom Duxelles
Heart-Beet Rosti
Sauteed Rainbow Chard with Balsamic Drizzle
Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
(plus: my tips on how to avoid a St. Valentines Day massacre in the kitchen!)

What about the other 26 days in February?  Well, that’s just the point.  Most of the recipes in this book are great for “anytime” cooking, too, so you can cook from it every day.  So, don’t let the word “party” fool you — you don’t have to actually throw a party to use the recipes in Party Vegan.  Because every day is a reason to celebrate delicious vegan food!
At only $10 and change on Amazon, there’s no reason not to have these 150 recipes (and LOADS of tips) to enjoy throughout the year. 
(psst… If you already own Party Vegan, please give it some love on Amazon by posting a review. ~thanks!~)

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