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Vegan Mac and Cheese Blog Tour

Vegan Mac and Cheese by Robin RobertsonTo celebrate the release of Vegan Mac and Cheese, I’m having a blog tour! Over the next few weeks, you can visit some fantastic blogs to check out some sample recipes, photos, and reviews of Vegan Mac and Cheese. You’ll also be able to enter giveaways for a chance to win a copy of the book.

Mom’s Baked Mac & CheeseHere’s a list of dates and locations of the blog tour, beginning with Spabettie, where you’ll find my recipe for Mom’s Baked Mac & Cheese.

Check back here frequently for changes, updates, and direct links to the posts as they happen.  Thanks in advance to everyone participating in this blog tour to celebrate the publication of Vegan Mac and Cheese!

Mac and ThaiVegan Mac and Cheese Blog Tour:

October 1 – Spabettie
October 4 – Vegan Atlas
October 4 – Vegan Street
October 7 – The Real Vegan Housewife
October 9 – V Nutrition
October 10 – StephanieDreyer.com
October 11 – My Pure Plants
October 14 – Lisa’s Project Vegan
October 15 – This Healthy Kitchen
October 16 – Vegan Mos
October 17  – Go Dairy Free
October 21 – Chic Vegan
October 22 – Two Flirty Girls and a Juicer
October 23 – FranCostigan.com
October 27 – JL Goes Vegan
October 28 – Bad to the Bowl
November 4 – Veggie Fun Kitchen
November 1 – Kelli’s Vegan Kitchen

Shepherd's Mac

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  • JoAnn October 8, 2019, 6:59 am

    Even though I’ve already purchased your book I do like to download recipes without typing them out.I’ve been trying to visit/follow your blog tour but links would be nice since some of the sites don’t seem very current. (i.e. The Real Vegan Housewife) I have sooo many of your books. When I became vegan in 2006, you were a god sent. Things are much easier now but truthfully you held my hand and i stayed the course.
    Thank you

  • Robin November 4, 2019, 4:31 pm

    Thanks Joann. The links to the blog tour participants should be active now. I’m so glad you found my cookbooks helpful!

  • Linda November 14, 2019, 9:51 pm

    Hi Robin, I’m a huge fan and have many of your cookbooks. In fact, I purchased your new Mac anc cheese book and tried my first recipe, Mac and Thai. It was delicious, but the recipe made so much sauce, I could have used two pounds of pasta and had plenty. It calls for using 2 cups of water, total. Could that possibly be a misprint?

  • Robin November 14, 2019, 10:01 pm

    Hi Linda,
    I’m so glad you enjoy my cookbooks!
    I find the 2 cups of water to be just right in the Mac and Thai. With the pasta just cooked al dente, the pasta usually absorbs a lot of the sauce when heating it through. Also that first cup gets added to the hot pan with the curry paste and some of that evaporates, plus that second cup is what makes the cashew cream. All this to say, it works for me and others who tried it, but if you like it less saucy, just cut back on the water next time to your own liking. Thanks for checking!

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