Vegan Food

Anniversary in Asheville

August 26, 2013

To celebrate our anniversary last week, we decided to take a few days away from our crazy-busy schedules to drive down to Asheville, NC.  If the 25th anniversary is silver, and the 40th is ruby, then surely the 42nd must be okra fries and corgies — at least for us!  The okra fries were a […]

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Fruit Sushi

August 12, 2013

I had originally planned to make dessert spring rolls, filling softened rice paper wrappers with strips of ripe mango, sweetened cellophane noodles, and mint leaves.  But then, while rummaging in my pantry for the rice paper and noodles, I found some colored soy paper sushi wrappers (soy wrappers) that I had leftover from the last […]

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Corn Contest and Tomato Taste

August 1, 2013

Corn and tomatoes are the quintessential summer vegetables.  These days, it’s possible to get fair produce of many kinds almost all year round,  but not so when it comes to these two summer favorites.  So we like to feast on them when they’re in season. We usually go to at least two different farm stands […]

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